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“Ghost Photographs” by Angela Deane
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Scarlett Hooft Graafland.
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… Viviane Sassen ‘Light Trip in Tanzania’
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ren hang
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some little ting i made
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see you in september kate bush
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Susan Worsham
from her series Some Fox Trails in Virginia 
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Tomoko Sawada

Tomoko Sawada’s ID400 (1998) was produced while she was a university student and living in Kobe. “The photo machine, a small vending machine-like contraption, can be found in numerous locations around the city.” Sawada spent weeks changing her physical appearance with make-up, clothing, and hairstyles, creating 400 different identities using a machine whose sole purpose is to produce stable images for official documents. The facial characteristics are so varied that the photographic project becomes a compelling study of physiognomy.
Going to see this in Montreal this week as part of le Mois de la Photo. Great that this is happening in the photobooth capital of the world… but that is slowly losing all of its film photobooths.

saw this at the moma
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